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KOHLER built the first “automatic power and light” generator in 1920 so that farmers could have access to a reliable source of power in the fields 24 hours a day. Over a century later, KOHLER continues to be the top choice for hospitals, police stations, airports, and military bases. Arkansans are already quite accustomed to dealing with extended power outages due to seasonal weather extremes, but what if we told you that you no longer need to “grin and bear it” when the lights go out?

KOHLER emergency generators are more affordable than you think, and our team at Gary Houston Electric is ready to help you find a generator that’s right-sized for your home. KOHLER emergency backup generators automatically restore power to the home in a matter of seconds after any power outage, and you and your family will be able to weather every storm in comfort and safety. You won’t miss important weather updates, and you’ll have reliable power for your CPAP machine and other life-saving medical equipment.

Severe weather events in Arkansas are no laughing matter, and it’s a little terrifying when the power goes out during a thunderstorm or a tornado warning. We only have to deal with snowfall occasionally, but ice storms invariably lead to extended power outages. Each outage can affect thousands of homes and businesses at a time, and utility companies struggle to restore power to affected areas after a natural disaster. It’s not uncommon for outages to last for several days (or even weeks), and your KOHLER generator is a small investment that offers enormous benefits any time disaster strikes!

KOHLER emergency generators aren’t at all like those noisy gas-powered generators you’ve encountered that belch foul exhaust fumes and keep you awake all night at the campground. They operate quietly using clean-burning natural gas, and the only routine maintenance you’ll ever have to perform is running it for a few minutes once a month. We can perform most generator installations in a day or less, and you’ll enjoy true peace of mind no matter what Mother Nature has in store for us!

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