Emergency Electrical Service for Central Arkansas

When working to ensure the safety and functionality of your home or business, the best defense is often a good offense. But the unexpected strikes even those who’ve been diligent about preventative measures. To be truly prepared for your next electrical emergency, it’s wise to have the number of a good emergency electrical service. Here are some reasons home and business owners alike keep Gary Houston’s number on speed dial:

1 Arkansas is no stranger to exciting weather events. Our extreme weather season can last as long as ten months of the year, and that’s a lot of opportunities for your electrical service to suffer the effects of wind, lightning, and ice.

2 Gary Houston Electric employs highly trained 24 hour electricians to guarantee we are ready and equipped with the best tools -– like backup generators -– to handle any emergency you have.

3 If you’re a restaurant owner with a cooler full of inventory, a plant manager whose production stops when the lights go out, or have a retail operation where sales depend on customers being able to come into the store and enjoy their shopping experience, you can’t afford to do without a reliable emergency electrician.

4 An emergency doesn’t mean something’s burning –- that’s a disaster. An emergency is when you’re in the middle of a DIY electrical project and realize you have no idea how to get everything back together or if it will be safe when you’re done.

Response time is crucial when dealing with an electrical issue that could have expensive or dangerous ramifications. The ability to discern that professional electrical service is required may be the difference between being a happy home owner or an insurance statistic. Gary Houston Electric is proud to offer the best emergency electrical service in Little Rock to our customers. Whether you need an ounce of prevention or a cure for your electrical problems, call at (501) 375-8330 or contact us on our website.