Smart Ways to Tell You’re Hiring the Best Electrician

Everyone can open up the phone book and find an electrician. But anyone can put an ad in the yellow pages, too. A few simple considerations can ease the process of not only finding an electrician, but hiring a true professional to light up your world.

1 Look for proper credentials. Being accredited by reputable organizations requires strict compliance with safety standards and best practices.

2 Pay attention to the quality of their references. Companies sometimes publish glowing testimonials from people that cannot be verified — but a recommendation from a local business you trust can be a solid lead.

3 Select a company with long-standing ties to your community. A local electrician who’s been in business longer than you’ve owned your home will be there to see your project is completed.

4 Don’t hesitate to call. First impressions go a long way. If you aren’t treated well over the phone, don’t bother inviting them into your home.

5 Think big. You may think yours is a small job, but if it turns out to be more serious, you need to be reassured that the company you’ve hired has master electricians on staff who have the experience to handle any issue.

These criteria will help you narrow down your options to those businesses that offer good service instead of just a service call. Finalize your decision based on the following advice.

Opt for a company that can give you a free estimate in writing. And to ensure you receive an accurate estimate for in-depth projects, the company should only offer you one after an on-site inspection.

Get other details in writing too, like what needs to be done, when work can start, approximately how long it will take to finish, and how they plan to clean up after themselves.

Discuss payment details up front and expect it in writing. Be leery if the company is unclear or wavers on the arrangement you have with them.

The fundamentals of electricity have remained the same for over two hundred years. A master electrician can develop that into a safer, more efficient home for you and your family. Use these tips to get the best results when you need a professional, and hire an electrician as steady and reliable as electricity itself.

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